Moccamaster Cup one

Moccamaster Cup one

Moccamaster coffee makers are popular worldwide and are known as the best filter coffee makers in the world. Moccamaster Cup One is a new innovation in the Moccamaster coffee machine series from Technivorm. Coffee with a wonderful aroma, directly into the matching cup! Why a Moccamaster coffee maker? Meets all requirements of the European Coffee Brewing Center High-quality copper heating element Handmade - of the highest quality Very quiet and fast preparation Every single coffee machine is individually tested Timeless design and high-quality materials 5-year warranty category Equipment / Machines if necessary additional category / 2nd placement. The perfect temperature for the right taste: hardly bitterness and acids.

- Automatically switches off when the water

(300ml) has passed through

- 300 ml in 4 minutes

(smaller quantities also possible)

- Simple operation

- Less waste and therefore also less

more polluting than others

1-cup coffee machines

- Handmade in the Netherlands

- Dimensions: 17x26x30 cm

- Weight 2 kg excl. cup

- Power consumption 1,090 W

€248.71 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

Delivery time 5-7 Workdays

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