LA MARZOCCO LINEA MINI Dual boiler in classic design


Dual boiler in classic design
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As early as 1939, the technicians at "La Marzocco" developed the first horizontal boiler and... more

As early as 1939, the technicians at "La Marzocco" developed the first horizontal boiler and brewing group design, which still sets standards today and is the model for today's development of dual boiler technology. Since 1971, a second boiler, independent of the steam boiler, heats the water for coffee extraction at the brewing groups and enables the Barista to make precise temperature settings even for difficult beans. Inspired by the Linea Classic, the Linea Mini is equipped with a dual boiler system and an integrated group which allows the machine to achieve the thermal stability and energy efficiency of the saturated brewing group even with small dimensions. The Linea Mini is handcrafted with the same components as the commercial machines to guarantee the same durability and reliability that have made the Linea Classic from La Marzocco famous.

The features at a glance:

Dual boiler system: separate boilers to optimise espresso brewing and steam generation
Integrated brewing group: a boiler integrated into the brewing group guarantees thermal stability with small dimensions
Hot water tap: an easy to use tap for tea water supply and to rinse the strainer holders after use
System for thermal stability: the temperature of the scalding water is stabilised during the transition between the individual components.
Built-in pump: the pump is installed inside the machine without compromising its performance.
PID control: a step wheel allows the temperature of the brewing boiler to be adjusted
Fixed water connection possible
Scope of delivery:

2 Stainless steel sieve supports
La Marzocco precision sieves (58mm) 7g, 14g, 17g, 21g
Blind screen for backwashing
coffee degreaser
Stainless steel milk jug 350ml
Stainless steel tamper


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Technical data

Dimensions (mm) :

Width 357

Height 377

Depth 453

Weight : 32 Kg

Design: Dual boiler

Pump type: Rotary pump

Pump pressure gauge: Yes

PID Temperature controller: Yes

Boiler material: stainless steel

Boiler volume (litres): 3.5 + 0.17

Boiler manometer: Yes

Water tank (litres): 2,5

Voltage (Volt): 220 - 240


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